RosyLemon Story

About Us

Zoey and Rebecca as founders of Rosylemon brand, they both used to work in a technology company. During that time, Rebecca and Zoey were recognized as the most stylish person in the company. They shared their passion to encourage more friends and colleague to delight their life with little fashion clothing & accessories. 
They have lived in many different countries (US, Australia, East Asia, Middle East) and experienced various cultural backgrounds. They discovered that women face different challenges regarding underwear regardless of their cultural contexts. For instance, in some regions, plus-size girls struggle to find suitable and attractive lingerie and showing a lack of confidence in their own bodies. Meanwhile, in other areas, women find it difficult to discuss or communicate about underwear, and there are limited choices available. The founders believe that women should acknowledge their own needs and be able to fulfill them when it comes to undergarments. That's why they decided to create this brand, with a focus on the needs of plus-size women, aiming to provide comfort and confidence for everyone. In the future, they hope that ROSYLEMON can inspire and offer choices to more women worldwide.